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Graphic of Pump Perks card

Pump Perks

You can receive rewards on up to 15 gallons of gas at Pequot Lakes Supervalu!

Save on groceries. Save on gas.

3 Easy Steps to Save on Groceries & Gas.

  • STEP 1:
    Visit Pequot Lakes Supervalu to sign up for your FREE Pump Perks card today. The more you buy, the more you save on gas! You will earn $.10 per gallon of gas, up to 15 gallons, for each $100 you spend in the store.
  • STEP 2:
    At Pequot Lakes Supervalu, hand your cashier your Pump Perks card BEFORE your transaction is complete. You will receive a receipt showing the fuel discount earned for your purchase and will load automatically onto your Pump Perks card.
  • STEP 3:
    To redeem your Pump Perks Discounts:

Pay at the pump:

  1. At the pump, it will ask if you are a Pump Perks member
  2. Answer YES and insert your Pump Perks card
  3. Next, insert your credit or debit card
  4. Watch the price per gallon roll back
  5. Pump your gas and complete your transaction

When using your Pump Perks card, the pump will automatically shut off at 15 gallons. If you need to pump more gas, you will need to re-insert your credit or debit card.

Points expire on the last day of the following month in which the points were earned.


Image of Pequot Lakes Supervalu gas pumps